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Have you wondered why WordPress is the best and most widely-known platform for online publishing and blogging? Initially, WordPress was solely a blogging platform but over the span of time it has progressed into a robust website builder along with a powerful content management system. The flexibility and easiness of this platform mean it can be used for making numerous types of websites. According to various researches and studies, it is estimated that 43 percent of all websites on the Internet  are built via WordPress. 

The functionality, quality, accessibility, design, optimization, and other WordPress advantages are the reasons why top-notch brands like Time Magazine, Disney, The New York Times, and many other companies are using WordPress for powering their websites. Many of the top-notch websites are built through WordPress. This highly versatile platform has evolved and grown exponentially in terms of themes, plugins, and more.   

Grow Your Business & Grab The Attention Of Potential Clients By Building A WordPress Website!

Why use WordPress when many other platforms are available? Well, it is a free-of-cost software that can be downloaded and modified as per the requirements and specifications of different websites. No matter how simple or intricate the website is, the benefits of WordPress make everything possible. With the simplicity of its dashboard and the availability of a wide range of menu options listed in the sidebar, anyone can create interesting posts, customize website design, add navigation menus, and make their website stand out by making effective use of WordPress.

WooCommerce Integration

If you are planning to build an E-commerce website in order to create an online presence so that more and more consumers purchase your products, then you can easily convert your traditional website into an online store with an easy-to-use WooCommerce plugin. One of the many benefits of WordPress is it works impeccably with WooCommerce. ” 20.4% of WordPress websites use WooCommerce(W3Techs, 2022). ” 

Use Google Analytics

Nowadays website owners want to understand the perceptions and mindsets of people who are using their websites. So with the use of WordPress, you can add google analytics which gives relevant tools through which you can comprehend the customers and visitors opening your website. WordPress users must know that the monsterinsights plugin takes out the intricate analytical reports and transforms them into readable reports on the WordPress dashboard. The WordPress advantages are you can see the number of people visiting your website, view where those visitors are coming from, track the forms, and see the most commonly searched terms by the website visitors. 

WordPress is SEO-friendly

 The SEO-friendliness of WordPress is crucial for all websites. By using WordPress it becomes easy for you to connect with robust plugins like All in one SEO. In comparison to other software, the websites created by WordPress always rank higher in Google search engines. The technical criteria and aspects are the reasons why WordPress is the best and ideally suitable option for many. ” Yoast SEO has the most active installations and five-star ratings in the WordPress plugin directory”. 

Infinite design options

The most exciting part of building a WordPress website is it has tons and tons of theme options available. So, if you are building a toy website you can choose a color theme, for a car website choose something in black. You can change the appearance of your website and give your brand a personality. In addition to that, you can go a bit more advanced and come up with an entirely customized theme. The use of WordPress is certainly an enriched and exciting experience. ” There are over 31,000 WordPress themes in total, including premium options. The average price of a premium WordPress theme is $77.57 (Scepter, 2020)”. 

 Universal Dashboard 

 The dashboard of WordPress is exceedingly easy to use and even a beginner can build a website without any perplexion. Why use WordPress?  Its dashboard looks the same to everyone who views it. The flexibility of this platform allows you to customize the dashboard so that you can prioritize and highlight the details you would want visitors to see on your website. 

 The Bottom Line 

 Millions and millions of web developers all over the world are reaping the benefits of making use of WordPress. Whether you have budget constraints or you want your website to stand out, this user-friendly platform is an optimum solution.


Is WordPress available in my language?

Maybe! At the moment WordPress can be translated into 169 locale languages. Visit the WordPress polyglots page to see whether your language is available or not.

How do I add new features to WordPress?

By installing and configuring the plugin settings you can add as many features and functionalities as you want.

How do I edit my WordPress menu?

Go to the dashboard of WordPress, click on appearance, and then the menu. From there you can create a menu, add/remove the items from the menu, and assign the menu location.

Do I need to know the coding for using WordPress?

Absolutely not! Most WordPress users are beginners, not professional developers. With the availability of themes and plugins, there is no need to learn CSS or PHP.

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