How Can I Become A Computer Genius In 2023?

Do you have a friend who is a computer genius who knows everything about computers? There are people around us who have 360-degree knowledge of PCs and laptops, and we wish we could be like them. Not only do computer experts get plenty of job opportunities in different sectors, but they are also immensely respected in our society.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through some surefire ways to become a computer genius in 2023. Continue reading to get a complete roadmap to achieve computer mastery.

Learn The Basics From A Computer Book

First of all, get a basic computer book. It must contain all the basic information like how a computer works, how many parts a computer has, the assembling of hardware, the function of each part, and so forth.

Fortunately, you can find hundreds of such books online and in bookstores at affordable prices. The key is to get a basic understanding of how a computer machine works and how the computer hardware is assembled.

Plenty of books contain infographics that demonstrate the working of computers; even a novice person can get the essential idea by reading such a book.

Check out these websites to download ebooks related to computers, IT etc.

Watch YouTube Videos About Old & Modern Computers

There was a time when we had bulky computer screens with big machines, but not anymore. Now computers are so small that they can fit into your office bag. But to develop a comprehensive understanding of this 20th-century wonder, you must go back to the basics and see how it was when the first ever the computer was invented.

Compare the modern machines with the older ones, and understand the differences between both once you have comprehended how a computer works. This small exercise will give you an idea of how the technology landscape is changing and what future computers might be like.

Also check out below YouTube tech channels:

Deassemble Then Assemble Back Your PC To Acquire Hands-On Skills

So now that you know how a computer works and you can recognize the different hardware components, why not open up your PC and do some practical work? Deassembling a modern-day PC doesn’t involve any rocket science. However, you need to be careful while taking out the RAM, hard drive, or any other component. They can be damaged and might be rendered irreparable.

Become computer genius
Computer hardware assembling and disassembling are two essential computer skills. If you have learned both, you can upgrade your computer with enhanced RAM and hard drive or perform small repairs on your own.

All in all, learning to play with the computer components can come in handy at times of urgent repair and save you a lot of money.

Learn To Install Windows

Has it happened to you that your windows got corrupted, but you couldn’t install a new one? People who can install windows are often deemed computer experts; such is the importance of having knowledge regarding the installation of the operating system. In this regard, too, you can check out YouTube windows.

There are multiple ways to install windows on your computer; installation through a CD and a USB are two of the most common ones. Also, you must know how to create or modify a partition while installing windows, so you can manage all your important data in a structural manner.

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Learn About The Modern Operating Systems

If we talk about the operating systems for computers, they are divided into three main types:

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Linux

Though there are a few similarities, each operating system works in a different way. For example, Linux is an open-source operating system that works on all devices, while Mac is an operating system that can be used only on Mac devices. Likewise, modern-day windows operating systems work on run wearables, game consoles, phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

There’s a huge demand for computer experts in the IT sector who specialize in a particular operating system. For example, a Linux security expert can make a substantial amount by offering services to enterprises and software companies.

Get Basic Programming Knowledge

If you wish to be called a computer expert, you must have a basic understanding of programming concepts. Coding is no more just a software engineer’s job. Everyone who owns a computer should learn to code a bit, as coding gives you the freedom to play with ideas and create your own digital product. Besides that, you can also learn web design.

By learning to code, you can develop a thorough comprehension of the computer system. Who knows, you may pursue a career in computer engineering in the future and may end up becoming a software developer.

Coding is one of the essential skills to thrive in the modern world. Someone who knows how to code has a deep understanding of computer architecture. Thus, they are able to generate digital products that run on the computer and across various other devices.

Network With Computer Geeks

People around you have a great influence on your thoughts and habits. If you sit with experts in a particular domain, you, too, will benefit from their knowledge. So why not create a circle of computer experts who know everything about computers?
become computer genius
You can find people having similar interests around you and ask questions, get advice, and even troubleshoot your computer problems with their help. You will also learn about information and technology. Maybe you already have such people in your circle. If not, you can find those on social media and even communities of computer experts on platforms like Quora and Reddit.

Troubleshoot Your Computer

If you want to be a computer expert, try troubleshooting your personal computer. Problem with the RAM? Deassemble the PC and research online what could be wrong with it and how you can solve it. In case your computer is not booting windows, and you can hear beeps, there’s something wrong with it. Google to find out the meaning behind each beep.

Troubleshooting may sound like a big task, but once you have developed a comprehensive understanding of the computer hardware and its working, you will be able to troubleshoot your computer problems on your own.

Sit In A Computer Shop

Do you have a computer shop near your home? Or, do you frequently visit a computer shop? Books apart, you can learn a lot by learning practically from a computer expert. People visit a computer shop with various software and hardware problems, and by seeing how an expert fixes those, you can acquire practical knowledge.

Consider working in a computer shop in your free time or on vacation. After a few days, you will have learned everything about computers, including hardware, computer driver, diagnosing a computer problem, etc.

Follow News About Computer

Do you like to read the news? Reading news is important as the tech landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, to become a computer expert, you must stay updated with the tech revolution. Learn about the new computers being introduced and the operating systems.

This way, you will be well aware of the recent developments in the computer world and what computer skills are in demand. If you don’t enhance your computer knowledge, your existing knowledge will be obsolete after a certain time. Practical and theoretical knowledge of computers goes hand in hand.

Spread Your Knowledge

You must be wondering how you can teach computers to others if you, yourself, don’t have sufficient knowledge yet. But it’s not necessary to have a complete knowledge of computers to teach someone computer use for free; you can share whatever you know about computer programs, operating systems, drivers installation, etc.

The more you share your knowledge with others, the more it will solidify in your mind. Human minds are able to retain information better if they revise the same information over and over again.

Master The Art Of Internet Surfing

Computer geeks are avid internet surfers. They don’t know everything, but they can find information about anything online. That’s why people call them “problem solvers.” You can find a website on Google on almost everything, from health-related problems to home maintenance work, common-day issues people face, information about a particular profession and place, and a lot more!

Last Words

If you want to be called a computer expert, you must master the art of internet surfing. Don’t worry; it doesn’t involve any rocket science. Just write your random thoughts or phrases you could think of on Google, and you will be blown away by the amount of information available there.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Who is the best computer genius?
Ans: Here are some computer geniuses:

  • Barbara Liskov
  • Elon Musk
  • Larry Page
  • Carl Sassenrath
  • Guido Van Rassum

Q2: Who is the number 1 hacker?
Ans: Kevin Mitnick

Q3: Which country owns the most powerful and supercomputer?
Ans: USA’s Frontier is the most powerful supercomputer.

Q4: How much time would it take to become a computer genius?
Ans: It depends on you that how fast you understand everything. It may take 3 months or may be more than 6 months.

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