If there is one thing that can connect strangers by heart, it’s music.

Involving the repetition of a musical phrase or pattern, looping is widely used and loved by music enthusiasts. This article introduces some remarkable best looping tools for music creation.

Introduction To Live Looping

It is a technique that involves the recording and playback of a piece of music in real-time using hardware or software devices.

This type of music works on the repetition of musical notes and pieces. Live looping software programs allow musicians the opportunity to create complex musical pieces in real-time. Especially for solo artists who do not have an established band, live looping can help a lot in creating unique yet familiar notes of music.

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Why Is Live Looping Popular Today?

Live looping facilitates musicians in creating music in a completely different way. When musicians are recording themselves, they can playback and add more layers to it to make it better. This way, they can make and edit the sounds as they like without many complications.

Live looping is mainly famous today because it involves the repetition of musical notes and rhythms. People love repetition, and they are more attracted to sounds that feel familiar.

Looping emerged in the era of vinyl when music used to be recorded on tape and then pressed into vinyl. As the digital age progressed, many new and innovative methods got introduced, and musicians got to experiment with different techniques to find the perfect rhythm.

Today, many musicians and performers use live looping softwares to create musical notes effortlessly.

Best Looping Tools For Music Creation

While live looping is not an entirely complex procedure, it can be a bit critical to accomplish if you do not have the right equipment.

There are so many looping software solutions that you can choose from. You just have to find the right one that can work well for your musical expertise and tone.

Here we are listing down some of the best looping tools that you can use to create magical music:

1. Line-DL4-MKII

This is a guitar effects pedal that is designed to produce a range of delay and looping effects. The pedal of this looping tool is a completely developed delay pedal that has different delay patterns. With looping being one of its prominent features, Line 6 DL4 provides great music.

Line 6 DL4 has 16 different delay effects that include digital delta, tape delay, reverse delay, etc.

To give you a more clear understanding, let us take a look at the pros and cons of Line 6 DL4.

Pros of Line 6 DL4

  • The DL4 provides exceptional versatility with a wide range of delay and looping effects.
  • This looping tool is effortless to use, with intuitive controls and easy pedal.
  • Line 6 DL4 is renowned for its high-quality digital modeling technology.

Cons of Line 6 DL4

  • There are some durability issues with fragile switches and loose knobs etc, with Line 6 DL4.
  • It is a large and heavy looping tool comparatively to others which can be difficult for users, especially beginners.
  • This looping tool requires a fair amount of power to work due to its size.

2. Ableton Live

It is one of the most popular looping tools for music creation. It is a digital audio workstation (DAW) software that is used for creating music. Ableton Live is a great looping tool that can be used to loop with any software instrument.

A prominent feature of Ableton Live is the Ableton Live Looper. It includes several looping lengths that you can choose from. You can effortlessly record your music through this audio looping software. Additionally, it also has Session View, which provides an opportunity to improvise the creation of music and live performances.

Here, we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of Ableton Live:

Pros of Ableton Live

  • This live-looping software has a powerful audio-warping engine that allows for time-stretching and pitch shifting.
  • Ableton Live has a great MIDI sequencing engine that can easily create and manipulate MIDI data in real-time.
  • It supports several third-party plugins and hardware that makes it an adaptable tool for music production.

Cons of Ableton Live

  • It has a complex workflow that poses difficulty for users to learn and maneuver through.
  • This live looping software has limited audio editing capabilities like vocal tuning, audio restoration, etc.
  • Ableton Live has restricted mixing capabilities that do not provide professional mixing tools.

3. AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper

One of the best looping tools is the AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper. With an intuitive interface and the ability to create high-quality sound, this live looper is the chosen option for many musicians.

This music production software can record up to 16 tracks and provides eight effects per track. One of the most prominent features of AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper is VoiceTune which is exactly like Auto-Tune.

Let us dive into the pros and cons of AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper:

Pros of AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper

  • This music production equipment provides real-time looping, which benefits musicians in creating and performing music on the go.
  • It has up to 16 independent tracks available that provide musicians an opportunity to record and mix multiple tracks and instruments.
  • AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper has an Automatic Quantization and syncing feature, which makes it easy for musicians to keep track of their music and keep their loops in sync with the rest of the music.

Cons of AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper

  • It is a paid music production app that can be very expensive for users who are looking for affordable audio looping software, especially for solo artists.
  • AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper has a steep learning curve that can create difficulties for users to understand the app accurately.
  • In comparison to other live looping software programs, this tool does not offer much functionality and customization.

4. Gauss Field Looper

This extensive audio looping software is the best choice for musicians to record and perform music on the go. With a user-friendly interface and distinctive features, Gauss Field Looper allows users to create music effortlessly.

With this Music production software, you can make musical loops in real time.

Here are some pros and cons of Gauss Field Looper:

Pros of Gauss Field Looper

  • This audio looping software provides flexible looping of any length and in anytime signature that facilitates musicians in making great music.
    This app is powered by extreme automation of effects, which helps musicians in creating complex and evolving sounds.
    Users can export their audio files in high quality, so it is easy for them to share their creations with others.

Cons of Gauss Field Looper

  • It does not come with any presets, which can be a disadvantage for users that are looking for a quick solution.
  • There is no audio input in this app which means users cannot record live instruments and sounds.
  • Gauss Field Looper does not offer synchronization with any other app or device. Users have to manually adjust their musical loops to accurately align with the rest of the music.


Looping tools have gained extreme popularity due to their ability to create loops, layer sounds, and manipulate audio in real time. For musicians looking for the best looping tool, there are many options available today with distinctive features and qualities.

Prominent features like an easy-to-use interface, automation, flexibility, MIDI control, etc., should be considered while choosing the best looping tool. We have mentioned some notable looping tools like Line 6 DL4, Ableton Live, AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper, etc, that you can consider.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is looping in music production?
Live looping in music production is a technique that involves the recording and playback of a piece of music in real-time using hardware or software devices.

2. Can you recommend a looping tool for beginners that is easy to use?
One of the best looping tools that are easy to use for beginners is AudioKit L7 – AUv3 Live Looper.

3. How can musical looping tools help in creating unique and complex soundscapes?
Looping tools can help in recording multiple layers of sounds, experimenting with different sounds, and use during live performances to create dynamic sounds.

4. Are there any looping tools that allow you to integrate live instruments into your loop-based productions?
Yes, many looping tools allow you to integrate live instruments like AbletonLive.

5. Can musical looping tools be used for live performances, or are they strictly for studio production?
Looping tools can surely be used for live performances. They are quite popular for creating music in real-time to facilitate musicians in creating music during live performances.

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