You are an iPhone or Apple Watch user in 2023 who loves to have KFC for dinner or lunch and is tired of paying in cash every time you order something at the store or online, which is why you landed on this blog.

Well, using Apple Pay to pay for KFC meals is the smartest way for iPhone users. This blog will answer all your questions regarding paying through Apple Pay at KFC. So, enjoy the piece while having your favorite zinger burger!

Does KFC Take Apple Pay?

Yes, in 2023 KFC accepts payments through Apple Pay at almost all of its outlets. However, it requires electronic readers at the store to read digital wallets and process other online payments.

If a KFC store has these readers installed, customers can utilize Apple Pay at the checkout. Apple Pay is an easy and fast way to buy your favorite KFC items at their outlets.

Does KFC Have an App?

Food enthusiasts can order using the KFC app in 2023, which considers Apple Pay as a suitable payment method. So, even if your nearest KFC outlet rejects Apple Pay as a payment option, you can easily place an order using their application and make the payment within it.

Moreover, the KFC app offers discounts and promotions that are not available at their physical restaurants. So, if you frequently order KFC food to satisfy your cravings, installing the app on your iPhone can help you save some money.

Additionally, in 2023 the fast-food brand has some stores that combine two famous food chains. You might have heard about the combination of KFC and Taco Bell, which is one example of what we are talking about.

And guess what? These combined outlets also accept payments through Apple Pay, just like any other KFC outlet.

It’s time to pick up your phone and create an Apple Pay account to start making transactions at KFC.

How to Use Apple Pay at KFC?

It’s super easy to use Apple Pay or any other contactless payment method at KFC in 2023, and you might already be familiar with the process. But if that’s not the case, you only need to install Apple Pay on your device before heading out to the KFC store.

You can install Apple Pay by opening the Wallet application on your phone, where you will find a “+” sign in the top right corner of the screen. Tap this icon to add an authentic payment gateway to your Apple Pay account.

Next, enter your credit or debit card number and other personal data, and verify the payment method by confirming your email address or phone number when prompted. It accepts cards from most major banks.

Here you go: Now you can use Apple Pay at KFC or any other restaurants that accept it. Simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the reader at the register or the drive-through and verify your order.

Does KFC Have Phone Pay?

Customers can use their phones to pay for their orders at KFC using one of the many available options in 2023. They can link their iPhones to an electronic wallet and use it at the register or drive-through window or make the payment within the KFC app on their phones.


It’s great news for all foodies who love KFC’s finger-licking chicken in 2023 that the fast-food chain accepts Apple Pay as a payment method for meals. Technology has advanced significantly, and digital readers make it easy for you to pay for your order by simply tapping your phone on them, even when you are sitting in your car. You can also order food from the KFC app from the comfort of your home.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1- Does KFC Take Apple Pay at the Drive-Thru?
Yes. KFC receives payments via Apple Pay at the drive-thru at all its stores which have digital processors set up where people tap their iPhone/Apple Watch to make payment without stepping foot outside the car.

2- Does KFC take Google Pay?
Yes, KFC accepts Google Pay at nearly all its outlets. The only requirement is a digital reader to read Google Pay at the checkout or drive-through window. Customers can make online orders on the KFC app using Google Pay as well.

3- Does KFC Taco Bell take Apple Pay?
KFC Taco Bell does accept Apple Pay at nearly all its combined outlets. Visitors can make digital payments at the drive-through window or checkout, even though the two brands operate in one location.

4- How can I use Apple Pay while purchasing through the KFC app?
Just select Apple Pay as your payment option when you check out if you already have set up your Apple Pay account.

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