Google Snake Game Mods

The first snake game surfaced in 1976, which has been updated and modified multiple times since then. However, the game is still loved by video game lovers all over the world.

Some might say that the game first gained traction due to Nokia’s popularity. The presence of this game on Nokia’s mobile phones made it as famous as the company was at that time.

We think minimalism is the hero behind the snake game’s unwavering fame among all generations of players.

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What Is Google Snake Game Mods?

Mod refers to modification, which is utilized to modify a game to make it more enticing and bright. Mods can add more playing elements to the snake game, like the snake’s size and its running speed, and make it invisible, regardless of the regular features. You can download the 2024’s google snake game mods from GitHub.

8 Fascinating Google Snake Game Mods

1. Menu Mod

Google Snake Game Mods
Among all the google snake game mods discussed in this piece, Menu Mod is arguably the one that truly transforms your gaming experience. The secret is the number of wonderful customization options it provides.

The menu mod lets you add more content, change characters, modify the map or the backdrop’s shade, and omit the wall on all brinks. It even provides flexibility in the speed and characters’ movements. Savvy gamers should try this mode to have fun at its peak.

2. Mouse Mod

Google Snake Game Mods
Do you find it irritating having to play the famous snake game using your keyboard’s arrow keys? The solution is a mouse mod for the google snake game.

You can move freely and manage with your mouse without fussing about the grid.
This mod also enables you to play in loopy shapes, making the game more enjoyable than usual snake games. And not to forget, you will be able to earn more points.

3. Dark Mode Mod

Google Snake Game Mods
People love dark mode on systems and applications they use, probably because it seems to soothe our eyes. The good news is you can use the dark mode in the snake game by entering the javascript code in the chrome bookmark manager.

This newer game setting makes the game more captivating and adventurous with a black backdrop and white snake.

Though seeing where you are heading becomes a challenge in dark mode, the vivid green spot will direct you forward.

Do you wish to check your prowess at the snake game and view how many levels you can crack? If yes, then this Mod is a must for you. You can change the theme color as well using the dark mode if you are a colorful person.

4. Time Keeper

Google Snake Game Mods
Google doesn’t save a user’s best scores and fastest times. But the TimeKeeper mod allows them to do that. Just import the HTML file from the bookmark manager, and you are good to go! It will record your best achievements and the shortest times.

5. Custom Color

Google Snake Game Mods
So, the old classic snake game has a stationary and colorless background. But you have no idea how enticing the game becomes with moving, colorful backgrounds.

Welcome to the Custom Color Mode for the google snake game. Just enter its code into the browser to remove the static background and add animated hues, which signify the visual texture and motion.

Also, this mod enables you to tailor the frame by opting for a frame rate and modifying the graphic design for the snake.

Colors appeal to our eyes and make a game feel even more pleasant. So, add a custom color mod to your google snake game to get the maximum fun.

Disclaimer: This mod is not suitable for individuals suffering from photosensitivity epilepsy.

6. Change Board Size

Whenever I play the snake game, it annoys me to have a fixed space available to move in a single direction, as you have to take turns after seconds.

If you feel me, download the Change Board Mod to make the game area as long and wide as you want.

It elongates the gaming board size to let you crawl in a single direction and eat the fruit for ages without hitting the edges.

7. Snake Wall

You are enthusiastically pressing the arrow keys with super fast speed and are succeeding in the snake game, but suddenly, you make a wrong move and hit the wall in a microsecond. And just like that, you lose the game.

If you are a snake game aficionado, you are familiar with this situation. Is there a way to keep playing the game for as long as we want without hitting the wall?

Fortunately, there is. The snake wall mod allows you to omit walls on all sides and play without blockages. Sounds awesome, isn’t it? Yes, now you can only lose the game if your game’s snake touches its tail.

This mod provides a cool way for modern-day gamers to keep playing endlessly. The rush of adrenaline you will get is priceless.


Yes, we know the name of this mod is weird, but its functionality is even more off-beat. By downloading the AIYIWOWTGWL mod, you can make your snake disappear in the game.

It’s a super fun feature for snake game lovers who want to add a bit of eccentricity to the game to enjoy it more. Then, you won’t see the snake and where you are taking it with the arrow keys or mouse.

It will be an adventure to try to move in the right direction when you are a ghost to secure the win.

Wrapping Up!

If you are not a snake game fan, you should download the google snake game to enjoy using all the mods we have mentioned.

People often play secret google games, especially the snake game, when they feel bored or have no activity. The snake game dates back to the late twentieth century but is loved and cherished by millennials and Gen-Zs.

But modern-day players are used to more sophisticated games with exciting features, while the snake game reflects the simplicity of the nineties’ technology.

It is why we have compiled this list of excellent google snake game mods for the game’s fans to download effortlessly and enjoy endlessly.

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