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Education is the passport to the future, and tomorrow only belongs to those who prepare it today. Nowadays a plethora of tech companies and organizations have commenced supporting students who are passionate and interested in knowing more and more about tech. Have you ever wondered why educational institutions provide emails with edu? Well, the advantages and discounts students get from free Edu email are exceptional. Just like any other email address, an Edu email free is also an email address.

In order to create edu email, you need to have a social security number ( SSN ), United States identity and address, email id for receiving the logins of email, and a free temporary email ( A fake college email ) and address are needed if you want to get a free Edu email ). One strenuous part of being in College/university is getting a wide range of learning materials. But with the help of free student emails, you can easily cut down the costs associated with these services. It helps you get access to all the necessary resources required for your studies. 

With the help of Edu email, students can conveniently communicate with each other as well as with their professors regarding their academics or anything else. Letters, notes, files, data, and even long reports can be sent through free edu email. Such types of emails are beneficial as they generate a link between the administration and students. 

If you are a student looking for ways to create edu email, then follow the below-mentioned method. It is an ideally suitable option for students because they tend to have a limited budget, and the creation of this email is free of cost.

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A Step-By-Step Process For Creating Free Students Emails

Method 1: (Through College Website) 

Open College Website

  • Open the website of your college, and solve the captcha. 
  • Fill in the user id and sign in with a free Edu email address.
  • Fill in the name and email information ( you can even use your real name there ).  
  • Citizens who are not located in the United States can make fake college emails using fake address generators. 
  • Click submit.

Log In and Apply To The College 

  • Moving towards the next step, log in to your account and start applying. 
  • Sign in with either your email address or Facebook account. 
  • Add relevant details like the name of your institution and then move forward.
  • Answer a multitude of questions like date of birth, first name, last name, social security number, contact number, degree, and more. 
  • Once you have filled in all the details, submit it. 

Wait For The College Email 

  • The username and password are given to the students through the college’s email address.

Note: You have created a free Edu email address. The credentials of login are created so start using it. However, if you sign in right after making the email id, you will get a pop-up with the wrong username and password. So you are suggested to wait for a while and then start using it. 

Method 2: (Through VPN)

You can get a free Edu email address within one to two working days by using VPN. 

  • Purchase a paid Express VPN that can be easily connected to the IP of the United States.
  • Visit the college website and apply to continue. Then follow the instructions and fill in all the required details. ( The candidate must be 21 years above, and always use the IP address of the US for better results ). 
  •  The next step is to either mention your email or phone number. ( Never go for your phone number, write a random phone number always ). Do not be disappointed if your first try does not provide a student email free. Try again by changing your program or the timing of the class ).
  • Then choose the university/college and the specific year of graduation.
  • Now select I certify and tap on submit.

Method 3: (Through Fiver Gig)

  • Visit the official website of a fiver.
  • Type ‘ how to create edu email ‘ on the search bar. 
  • Choose any of the profiles of the top seller who can either create or give you an already created student email free. 
  • Choose a package and send a request for a proposal. 
  • Discuss your program and university with the seller. 

Wrap Up!

If you have just started with your college or university, there is a high likelihood that your educational institution must have given you a student email free with an Edu extension under your name. However, some institutions do not provide an email address. And if you feel like possessing one, you can also create one for yourself without any difficulties. By opting for any of the above methods, you can smoothly execute the process and create an Edu email account free of charge. Being a student and managing expenses is difficult so free of-cost Edu email help you manage your budget.



How do edu emails work? 

They work for conversing with all the members of an educational institution.

Can I use edu emails on Gmail? 

Enter the email address of your college as the username alongside the password. Click add account. Gmail sends an email to your institution account. Click the link to verify and you are all good to go. 

How can I use edu in the domain name? 

Edu domain name is only restricted to those institutions that are institutionally accredited.

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