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Congratulations! You are starting a new blog. But the issue is you don’t know how to choose a domain name for your blog. Well, you aren’t alone. With most common names already being used, picking the right domain name has become super challenging. 

This is why, we decided to craft a piece for our readers to help them come up with a killing domain name. Here are some practical tips to choose a memorable domain name for your blog in 2024. Enjoy!

What is A Blog Domain?

.blog is a gTLD (generic top-level domain) in the internet’s domain name system. It was introduced in 2016 to be used for blogs. You can buy .blog domains at various domain registrars except for trademark domain names of some brands.

Proven Tips to Select A Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog 

1. Add A Primary Keyword in The Domain Name

(Naturally) Incorporating a target keyword in the domain name allows it to get higher rankings in search results. It will also give an idea to people on what your website does.

But don’t do it to the extent of spam such as A good example would be Before you brainstorm for your domain name, you should have a blog topic at hand to come up with a list of relevant keywords.

Suppose, your blog is about cooking. Then the keywords related to your brand might be:

  • Cooking
  • Food
  • Taste
  • Healthy
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Veggies 
  • And more is an amazing place to find keyword ideas related to your blog’s topic. Just enter your main keyword and shortlist the relevant keywords of your choice which are easy to spell and remember.

2. Adhere to .com

There are a multitude of new domain name extensions from .com, .net and .org, to niche extensions such as .pizza, .blog and .photograpghy. Try buying a .com domain name even if shrewd name ideas tempt you to choose one of them.

.com is to this date the most authoritative and popular domain name. Naming your website using new extensions such as .ninja may make your brand look less credible. 

Moreover, people tend to easily remember dot-com domains than other less used ones. Especially less tech-savvy users may mindlessly write “.com” at the end of every website name.

Suppose your domain name is fitness. blog and if someone mistakenly writes, they will land on an error page on the site. It’s better to prevent this by using the dot com domain. Most mobile phone keyboards have a default .com button.

3. Keep It Short

We have discussed the importance of using keywords in your domain without overdoing it. We can’t emphasize enough on having a precise and predictable domain name.

The ideal domain name length in our opinion is up to 15 characters as longer names are more difficult for people to remember. Your target audience will probably make more typing mistakes if you have a longer website name which may result in a loss of traffic.

4. Use Phonetic Patterns Like Assonance, Alliteration and Rhyming

How to make a longer domain name easier to remember? Well, some literary techniques can help like phonetic patterns. They help people remember groups of words more effortlessly by offering them some rhythm when they are uttered out loud. 

For example, alliteration is a method where someone utilizes two or more words together with the same initial consonant sound. Some examples of businesses using alliterations in their domain names are PayPal, Coca-Cola and Rolls Royce.

Next in line is assonance which involves repeating vowels rather than repeating consonant sounds as we do in alliteration. Popular business names that use this method are DropBox, Walmart, and ZenDesk.

Use, a free website tool to find words by entering your main keyword by “Beginning Rhymes”. You may change the consonant and search more to get new ideas.

Finally, you can use a rhyming domain name such as Mellow Yellow, YooHoo and GrubHub.

5. Use A Domain Name That is Easy to Spell and Pronounce 

Choose a domain name which you can easily speak of and write without fumbling or forgetting the spelling. If you can’t give your website’s name to someone when prompted to speak or write, it may not give a good impression. 

This is especially important if you intend to use your website name to develop a professional business email address. Then, it must be a comprehensible and spellable name for common people.

6. Choose A Brandable and Distinct Name

Your website name should be different so that your audience can remember you without confusing your name with any of your competitors. Perform a quick search to see what domain names others in your niche are using. 

It will help you avoid using a trademark name by mistake or copying another website. Also, try coming up with a more brandable name for your blog, 

By brandable, we mean outstanding, unforgettable and attractive. For instance, seems a catchier and unique domain name than 

7. Don’t Use Hyphens 

You can include hyphens or dashes as a spacing character in your domain name we recommend not using them but they often diminish how memorable a domain is at a glance. Your customers may end up on some other website just because they don’t type hyphens. 

The average number of characters in domain names used by the world’s five most popular sites is only six characters. A hyphen could unnecessarily lengthen the domain name. 

Also, hyphens in a domain name might take a hit on your brand’s trustworthiness and be considered spammy. Hackers sometimes use hyphens between words to imitate a credible website with a similar URL or domain name. 

Hyphens aren’t easily communicable in conversations which means your customers who come to know about you through word of mouth may type your domain name wrong.

Bottom Line

Picking the right domain name for your blog isn’t difficult if you know how to do it. We compiled our tips based on what you should and shouldn’t do while creating a domain name. You can buy domain names from popular domain registrars like GoDaddy, and Network Solutions and your blog will be good to go live with a perfect domain name. Happy Blogging! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What are some words to add to a domain name?

Here are some words you can add to your domain name:

  • Best
  • Authentic
  • Beautiful
  • Basic
  • Cafe
  • Community 
  • Hotline
  • Hub
  • Network

Q2. What are some 3-letter domain names?

Here are some three-letter domain names:

  • .biz
  • .app
  • .com
  • .ngo
  • .vip
  • .tel
  • .org
  • .ltd

Q3. What are some 5-letter domain names?

Here are some five-letter domain names:


Q4. What are some popular domain registrars?

You can buy a domain name and register it in your name without buying hosting from a domain name registrar., Network Solutions, and GoDaddy are among the best domain registrars available on the market.

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