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Are you one of those who want to do something on their own and looking for the best business ideas in 2024? If you have any tech business ideas that’s great, but if not you don’t need to worry. No doubt the upcoming year has great potential for business entrepreneurs as well as beginners to embark on cutting-edge ventures with an assurity of significant profits and changing wants of potential customers. 

How To Make Money Through Technology? 

Technology has completely transformed the way we do business. Generating income through mobile phones has never been easier. Given below are some of the tech business concepts that you can consider. 

1. App Development 

People nowadays are entirely reliant on mobile applications. App development has become one of the fastest-growing industries all over the world. To have a high-income tech venture you need to have some technical skills to ride towards the growth of success. 

However, developing an application is not as easy as unlocking the phone. Come up with a great idea to develop, build, and code an application, and then get it approved by the App Store and Google Play Store. Then convince the users that your application stands out and is valuable in comparison to others. 

Even the most phenomenal applications need to have a well-structured strategy. Anyone can make the application, but the success of an application relies heavily on its usage. 

2. SEO Consulting 

If you have a little information about the traffic of a website, then now is the time that you should start your own SEO consulting business. This field has gained a lot of popularity and many people have already become a part of it. 

However, before jumping into this field you need to have awareness of market tools and what strategies are being followed by the other SEO professionals. SEO consultants are most commonly responsible for web marketing, web analytics, keyword strategy, content strategy, planning, and link building. 

3. Podcast

The number of people who are interested in listening to podcasts is increasing day by day. Most of the listeners are millennials and Gen Z and their primary source of entertainment is a podcast. 

Starting your podcast can be a time-consuming task but if you know how to create a podcast on Spotify and iTunes then you can instantly engage thousands of people all over the world. However, podcasts that are available on iTunes can only be downloaded and streamed on all Apple devices whereas those on Spotify can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices as well as the gaming consoles. 

4. EV Charging Stations 

If you are an entrepreneur with an ultimate focus on the future, you can probably run a successful electrical vehicle ( EV ) charging station. It is most certainly a wise investment. 

Unsure where to start from? You can start a small-scale business by installing one or two charging outlets. You can grow your business within the span of some time by further increasing the overall number of outlets and stations. 

However, before opening your charging station you need to be well-compliant with the rules and regulations of the state. Also do extensive research to see what the market is offering. 

Through this innovative business concept, you can easily offer faster charging times and highly efficient batteries. 

5. Money Transfer Business 

With an increased level of globalization, the remittance market is growing equally too. The overall amount of cross-border transactions that also include digital remittances is also anticipated to grow in the upcoming future. 

Before starting a money transfer business, you need to have all the required licenses and permits. Traditional transfers are heavily being replaced by digital or online remittances. Say goodbye to visiting a bank or a money transfer agent. Digital remittances are done through websites or applications. 

If you want to get into tech entrepreneurship,  then it is highly recommended to build a website or an application first. Most importantly, you will need to have a proper security system to ensure streamlined and hassle-free fund transfers. 

6. Cyber Security Company 

Ensuring cyber security is indeed one of the major challenges to digital transformation. The skills of cyber security are high in demand. Having white hat skills encourages you to start a cyber security company. This is a great career path for you. White hats prevent cyber attacks in real time. Aside from ethical hacking, you should also have the basic know-how of computer forensic skills, cloud security, IoT security, blockchain security, and artificial intelligence. Having good communication skills can also help you grow. 

Before launching a company, you’ll need to have relevant certifications. You also need to ensure global compliance on your business. To have a successful cybersecurity company, you need to have proper training and knowledge of the latest tools that protect the data and computer systems. 

7. Crypto Mining 

Do you want to start your own cryptocurrency mining business? Well, the overall number of crypto-miners is rapidly increasing due to the huge demand for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

Launching a crypto mining business is a challenging task, but not impossible. To execute this tech business idea, you need to have high-powered computers, mining software, and a well-encrypted online bank account. However, only verified crypto-miners are allowed to mine. To become one, you need to join a mining pool online to know the intricate processes of crypto mining. 

Along with having mining software you also need to have software that will help you protect from illegal attacks. A lot of money and time needs to be invested to create a cryptocurrency mining business. 

8. Youtube Channel 

It’s a great idea to start a YouTube business. The opportunities for online businesses are infinite these days, and video platforms like Youtube are one of the optimum places to commence. 

Certainly, YouTube is a successful business tool but knowing the best way to start a YouTube business can be a little tricky. However, if you have any sought-after expertise or set of skills, then you’ll have to create informational or tutorial-based videos to start your own YouTube channels. 

Through these videos, you can generate visitors, post videos, promote your business, and let people know about your YouTube channel. The more quality content you deliver, the more you will be able to generate subscriptions hence, that’s the time when the dollars start rolling in. 

9. Web Design 

Do you know any well-renowned business without a website? Well, in today’s digital dynamic landscape, businesses that want to get known need to have a decent website. Design a bright future by building your own web design business. 

If you don’t count yourself as a good graphic designer then you need to take classes and learn from online educational platforms. Once you have hands-on on graphic designing, you can start building the websites. 


Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business person, you need to have a clear understanding of tech business ideas to stand out in the market. 2024 will be big and wide with room for a plethora of ideas and ventures. 

The aforementioned list is not exhaustive, but it includes the top 9 business ideas to assist you in entering the entrepreneur space so that you can establish a foothold before anyone else does.

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