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Video content has become a primary source for simplifying and improving the lives of many. Along with being a primary source of entertainment and distraction, it’s also a powerful tool for learning, facilitating work, and even communicating with one another. 

When it comes to online video streaming sites, undoubtedly YouTube is the most widely-used and popular site. But there is a wide range of features that you might want to know about other websites like YouTube. The Youtube competitors offer power, versatility, and premium content while positively impacting the online video space. 

YouTube Alternatives – Discover Different Types of Video Content 

If you are looking for the top alternative to YouTube, then given below are the platforms you need to look at. And who knows when one of the alternatives might become the next YouTube in the upcoming years. 

1. Vimeo 

It is a preferred choice for many people due to its safe interface. This platform allows potential users to upload, host, and customize videos. This platform offers a plethora of features like password-protecting videos, changes of bulk to embed settings, and domain and geo-restrictions. 

Counted among one of the best online video platforms it has a video upload limit of 500 mb. It also provides ad-free streaming with balanced privacy and security settings. It’s a win-win solution for professionals, businessmen, and media houses. 

It has two types of plans that include the Plus and Enterprise range so you can choose the one according to the nature of your usage. 


IGTV allows you to create and share long-form video content on Instagram. The content can only be 60 seconds long. But uploading a video that is longer than 60 seconds will appear on the timeline of followers and only the first 60 seconds will be played – after which an option is given to watch on ‘ IGTV ‘ which eventually takes you to the IGTV player. 

IGTV has a content discovery mechanism that encourages potential users to look for content that is good for them, trending videos, and content from the pages they are already following. This means that the video is not only uploaded for the existing audience, but through this YouTube alternative, you can expand your reach. 

3. Flickr 

If you are looking for ways to share images as well as videos, then Flickr is for you. This video content platform is a free-of-cost platform where users can share images and videos and can stream as many videos as they want without paying a penny. 

However, you are restricted to uploading a video of 1GB that is of a maximum of 90 minutes. In addition to that, Flickr has given the ultimate liberty to video creators to customize the download access of Flickr fans. 

By getting a subscription you can easily avail unlimited storage, get hands-on Ad-free browsing and advanced stats of photos/videos. 

4. Vevo 

It’s a music video provider through which artists can show their music skills to the target audience. With a free-of-cost video streaming experience, potential users do not need to register to watch the videos. 

Vevo is an abbreviation of ‘ Video Evolution ‘ and the biggest difference between YouTube and Vevo is that Vevo offers personalized experiences to the users so that they can explore the music videos performed by different artists. 

5. Twitch 

Amazon purchased this live-streaming service back in 2011. Initially, it was a platform for game streaming but over the period, it has become a great video hosting alternative for comedians, entertainers, shows, and a lot more. 

According to the research conducted by Statista above 1.9 million hours of total global global watch time was spent on the ‘ Just chatting ‘ category of Twitch stream. 

6. Crackle 

Crackle is also known as an over-the-top video streaming service through which users can access hundreds of shows and videos.  This YouTube competitor site is free of cost and is entirely dependent on an ad-based model, making it a great online platform. 

This platform is an amalgamation of popular movies, TV shows, and original content. You can also sign up for a free account with Crackle to explore advanced features like watch later options, associated captions, and parental controls. 

7. PeerTube 

It’s an open-source and free-of-cost platform with peer-to-peer model. This framework is available in 28 languages and also reduces the overall amount of load on the server while being a smooth video streaming site for potential users. 

This platform has an ad-free experience and does not track the activities of users which is an additional benefit in comparison to other video sites like Youtube. Via this site, you can also connect with other viewers who are watching the same video. 

8. Bitchute 

It is one of the best online video platforms that helps in browsing channels and videos easily. Peer-to-peer technology is used for operating this video-sharing platform. 

By identifying the talent of content creators, it gives them a chance to express and showcase their ideas freely. The option to register is optional and the users are not obliged to fill out the form before streaming the content and videos. 

This is not an ad-based model and creators have the facility to receive payments from users through the platform itself. 

9. Dailymotion 

The navigation model and layout of Dailymotion are almost the same as YouTube and hence, it is counted as one of the most similar video hosting alternatives to YouTube. 

Here users watch and upload the videos while enjoying an age-gate feature so that children are protected from sensitive and inappropriate content. It has the highest level of security as it provides public, private, and password-protected videos. 

 10. Utreon 

Through this platform, users can follow their favourite influencers with a simple subscription system. No hidden algorithms are available for promoting and limiting the videos. Just like all other video streaming platforms, Utreon also allows in helping you to create innovative ideas. From multi-episode videos to normal vlogs, anything can be created. 

Why Video Hosting Alternatives Are Great For Your Business? 

Certainly, YouTube is one of the best platforms when it comes to popularity but due to certain reasons like overuse of advertisements and complaints on content, users have started looking for an alternative. 

Pick one of the sites we have outlined above so you can commence to use a video in different yet intriguing ways.

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