Is it true that keyword research will be a pivotal factor in Search Engine Optimization in 2023?

Well, the answer to that question is YES!

Certainly, SEO and SEM marketing campaigns are incomplete without proper keyword research. It is a process of discovering those words and phrases that are most commonly searched by people on search engines.

It is the initial step for all marketers and webmasters all over the world whenever they generate new content for their websites and potential clients.

When you have good hands-on keyword research you can easily get the scoop on what people want, and what they are searching for. By using tools for keywords you can target your audience and their searches in no time. 

Why Free Keyword Analysis Tools Are Pivotal For Your Website’s Traffic? 

A wide range of keyword research tools are available free of cost and their specifications vary from keyword to keyword. Tools for keywords help all SEO professionals find PPC keywords, long-tailed keywords, and more.

In order to understand the competitive landscape, always search for the best keyword research tools so that you can have a clear picture of your target audience and who you are competing against. It gives you an insight into how difficult or easy it is to rank higher in Google and other associated search engines.

When conducting research you might be able to get content opportunities with low competition. And, when you target the keywords with low competition, you increase the attraction of visitors to your website that further increasing the organic traffic. Free keyword research tools always help you find relevant keywords. 

1. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is most commonly used for analyzing the link profiles of your website, keyword rankings, and SEO health. This tool is also used for conducting keyword research for Amazon, Youtube, and Google. A wide range of SEO professionals also rely on this tool for finding content that is performed well ( regarding social shares or links ). 

2. Semrush 

It’s a highly reliable keyword research tool that does all the keyword research, tracks the strategies used by your competition, runs an SEO audit for your blog, and looks for all the available backlink opportunities. Internet marketers throughout the world are searching for and trusting SEMrush. Counted among the best keyword research tools businesses of all sizes are getting benefited from this

3. Keyword Surfer 

It is a chrome extension that easily and automatically displays the result of keyword research on the right-hand side of search engine result pages whenever you look for a specific keyword. It is one of the easy-to-use and reliable free keyword analysis tools, and equips you with relevant data like ideas for keywords, search volumes, and brings volume to the first ten pages of search results. 

4. Keyworddit 

It is a free-of-cost keyword research tool that mines a lot of Reddit for keywords. There is an immense need for you to enter a particular subreddit with a minimum of ten thousand subscribers, and you need to specify a timeframe too. These best keyword research tools then come up with a wide range of keyword ideas that can be searched from titles and comments. You then end up getting unique keyword phrases and topics of blogs that are nowhere to be found. 

5. QuestionDB 

It is a free-of-cost keyword research tool that generates phenomenal topics for blogs. It brings questions regarding your search items through question-and-answer websites such as Quora and Reddit. You can also review the source link for every question, and also review how potential users are framing the questions and answers. However, the free keyword analysis tools version limits you to fifty results per search item. 

6. Soovle 

This keyword research tool helps you find a wide range of popular tools through a multitude of channels including websites like Amazon, eBay, Youtube, and more. It automatically comes up with phrases regarding your search that might help you expand your ideas. Soovle provides unlimited free searches but it is more of a generator of ideas as no metrics like keyword difficulty or search volumes are provided by one of the highly versatile free keyword research tools. 

7. Google Keyword Planner 

It helps in analyzing the SEO keywords by providing the average positions, impressions, and CTRs of Google. This information can also be used for the optimization of existing SEO content by finding related ideas for the content that further contributes to generating traffic to your website. So if you already have a website, you can benefit yourself with the best keyword research tools like Google keyword planner. 

8. UberSuggest 

It is a keyword research tool that helps in finding SEO difficulties and search volumes in your keyword. Through this tool, you can also find a plethora of backlinks that are needed to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines. With UberSuggest, you can easily generate more than one keyword and page content ideas. This restricts searching three keywords per day for a website. 

Wrap Up! 

All the aforementioned tools for keywords tend to have their unique strengths. The SEO optimization process becomes exceedingly easier through these easy-to-use and reliable tools. 


What information do keyword research tools provide? 
The tools help you come up with relevant keyword ideas that are entirely based on your specific keywords and phrases.

How often should I do keyword research for my business website? 
You are recommended to revise your keyword strategy quarterly, and at least three to six months before promotions and campaigns.

Why is keyword research necessary? 
It helps you understand the search content for your target keywords. It gives you a good indication of results that come to Google that are relevant to your search query and target keywords.

Why is it important to choose the right keyword research tool? 
It helps Google understand what your content and website are about, making it easy to pop up at the right time whenever someone searches for it.

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