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You might look at successful bloggers with awe thinking how they earn so much through blogging. There is no need to do that anymore. We will outline tried and tested ways to make money through a blog in 2024. So buckle up as we explain each way to monetize a blog for you to start earning money from your blogging website. Let’s get started:

How to Monetize Your Blog: 10 Tried and Tested Techniques

1. Use Adsense

Google Adsense shows ads on websites and whenever someone clicks through an advertisement on your blog, you earn commission. Google runs this ad network and displays advertisements on a site that caters to its audience and content.

If you run a fitness blog, the ads shown on your site will relate to health, exercise and gyming. Setting up AdSense for a website is a piece of cake and after adding it, the ads show automatically.

Bloggers may also monitor the number of Adsense coins they earn and which adverts make the most money through a tool such as MonsterInsights.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the most popular methods for blog monetization. Affiliate marketers advertise the products of other merchants and earn a commission whenever a person buys an item through their affiliate link. 

You can sign up and browse through affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale and Commission Junction to easily find products to market on your website. You can find affiliate networks for nearly all fields and industries, such as food and beverages, fashion, health, education, etc.

3. Create Online Courses

We all are passionate about something and have more knowledge or skills around that topic than others. It could be technology, digital marketing, sewing, gardening or any other hobby. 

If you have solid know-how on a specific subject, it’s time to make some money by creating an online course around it. By selling and marketing it on your site, you can earn a steady passive income. 

Courses are profitable, and interested individuals can pay hundreds of dollars if your course contains the right amount of content and solutions they are looking for.

4. Provide Sponsored Posts

Brands often hire an influencer to craft a blog if they have a good following in their niche. If a business sells watches and you are a fashion blogger, they may ask you to write a post on one of their best products or post about your experience with their watches.

Sponsored posts hint at the trustworthiness of a particular brand, as influencers can shape the purchase decisions of their followers if they review with honesty.

You need to develop a media pack that contains all of your website statistics, such as click-through rates, audience and any social media figures. You should actively contact businesses in your industry and determine the prices you will charge for a sponsored post. 

Add a section on your site, particularly for brands and clearly state that you sponsor advertisers through your posts. Additionally, sign up for a blogger network to make contacts with other bloggers.

5. Write Paid Reviews

You can get paid for writing reviews just the way you write sponsored guest posts. Suppose you run a travel blog, you can try out a new travel package, review it on your blog and get money for it.

Write reviews about products or services related to your niche and readers. For example, if your blog is about technology, reviewing new software and tools is more understandable than reviewing washing machines.

Similar to sponsored articles, bloggers may contact businesses directly or you may utilize a website such as PayPerPost to reach out to brands that might want you to write a paid review for them.

6. Offer Subscription-Based Content

Subscription-based content is a way to take money from consumers that is getting quite a traction. Consider subscription-based streaming services like Netflix and upgraded app that charges a fee per month. 

When you begin a blogging site, you could provide free content initially like manuals, blogs and charts. If your articles and free content are highly valuable, they could propel up your visitor count so you may set up a paywall. 

In this way, the readers who subscribe to your blog will get exclusive access to helpful content, professional suggestions, videos, particular threads, and other benefits. Bloggers can command initial charges for access or monthly fees from premium members.

7. Offer Ebooks to Your Audience

Do you want to supply extra value to your audience and potential consumers? A simple way to do that is to go the extra mile than your website permits and create particularly designed, extensive content as an ebook.

Now you can offer ebooks to your readers as a giveaway or charge a small amount. It all depends on what marketing plan you choose to let readers identify the hard work that went into the ebook’s creation.

Whether you charge a fee or give the ebook away for free, demonstrate your expertise in the topic relevant to your brand to let it be a crucial aspect of your sales funnel.

Suppose you run a website that provides industry news for realtors and has found that real estate agents are interested in knowing about mortgage trends. So, you can develop a credible ebook called “Latest mortgage trends in XYZ area.”

This piece of comprehensive content will show your blog as a go-to news source for realtors. And if you run a property development business, this piece will probably solicit new business as people contact you to help them in their property buying or selling process.

8. Sell Merch on Your Blog

We normally find merch kiosks offering band products right up front when we attend a concert. The good news is that you can sell merch on your blog too to earn some bucks.

A lot of popular bloggers sell merch such as caps, phone cases, shirts, and other physical items with their blog slogans or logos printed on them. People who run a blog about home decor, trade amusing decor-inspired products like tote bags, hoodies, hats etc.

Your avid followers would want to sport your merch items to show their love for your website. You can watch YouTube videos to learn how to develop an automated t-shirt store on your WordPress website or find out how to start drop shipping.

Trading merch might be tough but these options remove the need for bloggers to handle any inventory or dispatch the items themselves. You may follow tutorials online on how to create an online store if you want to start selling your goods as an e-commerce brand.

9. Start Writing Blogs in Your Industry as A Freelancer

You could start writing freelance blogs for larger blogging sites in your industry to monetize your blog in one of the most convenient ways. Most people begin a blog because they are passionate about or have experience in a certain field. And they could use that to benefit themselves.

Brands hunt for individuals who may develop content to drive their advertising and no one is better to write such content than an individual with a treasure of knowledge in their industry.

For example, you can use your blog to share your insights. It will develop your reader base and help you earn money blogging for other companies.

The average US freelancer earns around 40k dollars annually. (Source: Glassdoor). Note that a freelancer’s income depends on the industry they write for and their experience levels.

Here are the hourly rates charged by freelancers for various niches:

  • 50 to 60 dollars for technical/trade, ghostwriting, grant and proposal writing, and sales/public relations.
  • 40 to 50 dollars for fiction

New freelance writers may not get these figures but can start earning more once they attain experience and trustworthiness.

10. Start A Podcast

Why are we recommending this way? These statistics may answer you. Paid Insights found that in April 2019, there were 700k+ podcasts and more than 29 million episodes.

Podcasting is getting increasingly popular as more people are starting to tune into podcasts globally. If you have a blogging website, adding a podcast may prove to be a super clever technique to drive more visitors by leveraging the thriving of podcasts.

Podcasts are incredible particularly if you are a beginner since the majority of the authoritative blogs in your domain hold more written material than you do. And few of them will possibly have podcasts on their websites.

Podcasts are turbocharging traffic in such a way that even famous bloggers such as Darren Rowse and Noah Kagan now create podcasts as well as their usual written content.

Bottom Line

Many people are attracted towards blogging for the possibility of earning some side cash and think that social media posts could easily propel traffic to their websites. This course could be difficult so we recommend using one of the ways we mentioned in this article to monetize your blog successfully in 2024. With some effort and time, you will be able to start earning a decent income through your blog. Happy blogging!

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