What Does S Mean On Snapchat

This blog is your manual to understanding and keeping Snapstreaks going with your friends. People often send you an S on Snapchat and you are clueless about what that means. If this is the case, keep reading as we are going to solve the mystery. 

We see loads of abbreviations on Snapchat and it may become unintelligible sometimes for people who don’t use the platform as often. This is how even a simple letter like S on Snapchat can seem mindblogging.

Sweat not as we will decipher the S letter on Snapchat so you can understand and respond to your pals.

What does S mean on Snapchat?

  • S means streaks on this popular photo-sharing app. Someone sends it to you to tell you to begin or keep a snap streak going with you and increase their snap scores.
  • You must answer to S within 24 hours by shooting a picture back or the streak will end.
  • You can find a plethora of inventive techniques to amp up your snap streaks images such as stickers, pen features and bitmojis.
  • If you make a specially long streak with a buddy, they may come within your Snapchat “Best Friends” list.

S Means Snapstreak

You probably think about what does S means on Snapchat when you receive one on the app. It is the person’s way to notify you briefly that they want to keep their streak with you. 

Snapstreaks signal that you have been Snapchatting with an individual continuously for three days or more. And when you receive an S, the person is saying they don’t wish this connection to die.

People may also send you “strks” or “🔥🔥🔥” as the fire emoji is usually employed to send a snap streak on the platform. So these are also shorthands that have the same meaning which is snapstreaks.

Why Do People Send An S on Snapchat?

Here are a few reasons why people send S on Snapchat:

1. They wish to continue a conversation

Snapstreaks provides remarkable courses to keep in touch with your buddies even if you don’t have time for a lengthy, meaningful chat every day. By conveying S for snapstreak, your pal is hinting that you mean something to them and they don’t want this communication to cease.

2. They wish to prove and continue their friendships

Frequent talks are central to strengthening relationships with your chaps. Snapstreaks offers an excellent method to keep this connection alive. Or an individual can send snap streaks to you to show the high value they place on your friendship as compared to others because two people can become ‘“Best Friends” on the app with constant communication. And the app allows a set number of “Best Friends” at a time.

3. They wish to Boost Their Snap Score

Snapstreaks provides a simple course for users to amp up their Snapchat scores. Increasing your snap score on the platform doesn’t reward you in any actual way, users have fun trying to amplify them. By maintaining a snap streak with you, they are going up with points easily.

How Should You Respond to A Snapstreak?

Here are a few things to consider when replying to someone’s snap streak:

1. Reply within 24 hours

You should remember to send back a snap to a snapstreak within a day. If you forget to do that, the streak will end and the person who sends S to you will not be able to complete their purpose.

2. Utilize the Pen Feature

Many users send S by creating it with the pen feature rather than just writing the letter. If you want to do the same, navigate to the top right corner, tap the pen icon and make an S in the colour of your choice to send for Snapstreak.

3. Send A Couple of Stickers

Multiple stickers contain the word “streaks” which can be a beautiful, innovative way of responding. Head to the top right corner, look for the “snapstreak” or “streak” in the stickers option and pick one to add to your photo.

4. Personalize Your Reply with Bitmoji

Create your streak in a way that shows people how you are feeling. Making a bitmoji is a great way to personalize your snap. Just scroll down on the camera screen, tap the “+” in the top-left corner and stylize your bitmoji avatar to make it look like you. 

You can also install the Bitmoji keyboard app to include your bitmoji avatar in images in all types of amusing situations.

What Else Does S Stand for on The Internet and Over Text

Have a friend ever sent you /S after or between a sentence in a message or social media? It meant that the person was saying that it was sarcasm. It’s hard to decipher meanings in online conversations as you can’t get the feelings behind what someone is saying. 

But this /S indicator makes it clear that someone has a sarcastic tone. Here are a few examples of sarcastic sentences you might receive or send to your friends:

  • I work 40 hours a week to be this poor /s
  • How long did you marinate in this perfume? It’s so nice /s
  • That is just what I needed today /s

Users also send /s on Snapchat to be inclusive and avoid misunderstanding. Digital communications supply so little context that you can’t see nonverbal cues and hear the tone of someone’s voice. So people use tone indicators such as /s to prevent miscommunication.

The people from the neurodiversity alliance particularly utilize tone indicators to aid users who don’t fully understand nonverbal communication in feeling included.

Final Word

So now you understand why people keep sending you S on Snapchat or add /s at the end of their messages on socials or texts. It will help you communicate more easily with your friends and other users on the popular image-sharing app, Snapchat. Happy snapping.

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